Speaking Engagements and Training

Hiring a professional speaker to train and educate your team can empower members of your organization to grow professionally and personally. Professional development shouldn’t just be a buzzword; it should be intentional, practical, and constructive.

Aliante Animal Hospital has experienced speakers who can share priceless information on a multitude of topics. When you hire one of our team to speak at an event, you can unlock great opportunities.



Here is how:

  • Our veterinarians and speakers provide educational information and active learning opportunities

  • Our speakers cover a range of topics, from veterinary medicine to best business practices

  • Proven tools and skills to improve your team


Aliante Animal Hospital offers both in person and virtual speakers on the following topics:


Michael Falconer
Hospital Administrator

    • Numbers for Vets who Don’t like Numbers – Using management benchmarks as an associate in daily practice. (VBMA Category 1)
    • The Myth of Time Management – How to be productive and not get overwhelmed. (VBMA Category 3)
    • Communicating through the Noise – Internal communication tools and strategies (VBMA Category 3)
    • Weaponized Reviews – Defense against those using reviews as a weapon. (VBMA Category 2)
    • Content Creation as a Marketing Strategy – How Craig Road and Lone Mountain Animal Hospitals’ use story telling as a marketing tool. (VBMA Category 3)
    • What’s the Worst that can Happen? – Disaster Preparedness (VBMA Category 2)
    • Belonging – The Language and Emotion of Groups and Teams (VBMA Category 3)
    • Getting the Job you want – externships, Interviewing, and being a success at your new job. (VBMA Category 4)




Dr. Taylor Parker

    • Upper Respiratory diseases in Tortoises
  • Clinical approach to the top three most common diseases seen in ferrets




 Dr. Tiffany Moore

  • Transition from Vet School and What to look for in an employer if DEI is important to you as a new grad
  • Guinea Pig Basics: most common clinical diseases and how to manage/treat.
  • Client Communication 101: tips on how to effectively relay information to clients
  • Navigating Euthanasias: managing difficult conversations, financial burdens, grief
  • Rabbit Habits in Exotic Practice
  • Pathway to DVM










Dr. Kimberly Lutz

    • Getting owners to value your time and other new grad life lessons




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