Senior Wellness Care

After age 6 dogs and cats are considered seniors. Many senior pets become less able to adapt to physical and environmental stress

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Low Cost Spay and Neuter

There are many medical and behavioral advantages to getting your pet spayed or neutered. Additionally, it is the law in Las Vegas to have pets older than 4 months spayed or neutered.

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Each year, thousands of pets go missing, and many don’t make it back home. Your pet needs a permanent form of identification that is reliable and can’t get lost, stolen, or damaged.

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Dental Care

Everyone can understand the importance of dental care for their pets, because the risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease is the same for animals as it is for people.

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At Aliante Animal Hospital we perform a wide variety of elective, routine, and emergency surgeries.

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Diagnostic Imaging

X-rays and ultrasound offer a painless, non-invasive way to get a lot of information about what is happening on the inside of your pet.

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Maintaining your pet’s appearance can be a difficult task for any dog or cat owner. Neglecting an animal’s skin or coat can lead to issues such as severe matting, skin conditions, and general discomfort.

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Aliante Animal Hospital’s boarding facility was specifically designed with your pet’s every comfort in mind. Your pet’s health and comfort are our top priorities.

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Based on your pet’s wellness exam, the doctor will create an individualized preventative care plan for your pet that may include parasite control, heartworm prevention, routine dental cleanings, and nutrition recommendations.

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