Gabrielle originally came from a small town an hour outside of Nashville. She wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as she could remember. “In middle school, I was introduced to zoo veterinary care and I was hooked,” she said. Gabrielle has always had strong passion for conservation efforts and wants to work to help in that endeavor, whether it be for wildlife or for animals held in zoos.

For her undergrad, Gabrielle went to Middle Tennessee University. She graduated in 2021 with a Bachelors in Animal and General Science. She currently attends the University of Tennessee of Veterinary Medicine and is part of the graduating class of 2025. Being that it was her in-state school, the University was always on her radar. But once she discovered the school had a strong zoo/ exotics program she decided to move to Knoxville and enroll.

A student representative from North Carolina state, Caitlyn, would later inform Gabrielle about the externship program at Craig Road Animal Hospital. “I was thoroughly taken by the friendliness of everyone at the hospitals, as well as the dedication of everyone to provide the best possible care to every animal,” she said. During her visit, she was impressed by the cutting-edge surgical equipment as well as the high-quality care provided to animals of all shapes and sizes.

At home, Gabrielle has a pet chinchilla while her family owns two dogs, two horses, two sheep, a small flock of chickens and a modest school of goldfish on their hobby farm. Growing up she had a large variety of animals ranging from pocket pets to dogs and cats. She picked up horseback riding, showing lambs in 4H and volunteering at local animal hospitals or wildlife rescue centers.

In her leisure time, Gabrielle partakes in hiking, kayaking, baking, reading, watching movies or building things with her father. She enjoys spending time with her family, human and animal alike.

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