Dogs & Rattlesnake Bites

If you plan on taking your dog hiking or camping, make sure they are protected from rattlesnake bites! Dr. Efrain Vassallo explains why you should get your dog the rattlesnake vaccine, and how the vaccine works to buy you time for treatment in the event of a snake bite.

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H3N2 Canine Influenza Outbreak

The following are some common questions and answers about the H3N2 canine influenza outbreak that’s ongoing in the US. How far will it spread? Who knows? It’s always hard to predict what will happen with influenza viruses. The spread of the H3N8 canine flu virus was surprisingly slow and sporadic, and it has yet to establish itself in Canada. This new H3N2 strain concerns me more because it might be more transmissible, and the Midwest US outbreak is unlike what…

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What are the most dangerous household items for pets?

What are the most dangerous items in my house for my pets? Your house is filled with many lurking dangers. Most are those that can be eaten by your pets. Chocolate is the first offender. Chocolate can cause vomiting and diarrhea but when large amounts are ingested it causes a life-threatening heart condition. The most dangerous chocolate is dark chocolate or bakers chocolate. The second danger is sugar-free chewing gum. This gum contains xylitol, just 1 piece of chewing gum…

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