Born and raised in Las Vegas, Levi developed a love for animals at an early age. He grew up with seven small poodles and a bunny named Bailey, fostering his connection to the world of pets and their well-being. Growing up, Levi aspired to work in animal protection services, driven by his desire to help animals in need and provide them with the care and support they deserve.

In high school, Levi faced a decision whether to pursue a career in music or in veterinary medicine. He had been playing guitar for 16-17 years and attended a performing arts school to study classical music. However, his love for animals and desire to assist their owners ultimately guided him towards choosing veterinary medicine as his path. Levi realized that he would happier making a positive impact on the well-being of animals.

Levi attended Nevada State University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas for his undergraduate studies. Currently, he is studying at Ross University and is expected to graduate in 2027.

In his free time, Levi cherishes moments with his son and his two large Goldendoodles named Freya and Nyx. He enjoys hiking, spending long days at the park, and playing the guitar as a means of relaxation.

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